• We advocate respect for everyone around, strictly prohibited in public criticism and rebuke every colleague.
  • We advocate love, kind, friendly, and establish harmonious interpersonal relationships. And we oppose all bad style.
  • We advocate that all out, highly responsible, great care, dreaming to do everything, and to respect and love.
  • All benefit distributions are base on the value creation, take the achievements as the criteria, boldly responsible for the results.
  • We advocated that high return, insist on promise, definitely not any excuse.
  • We believed that provide the good service to every customer is our most holy and great mission.
  • We must adhere to integrity, honesty integrity, zero tolerance for cheating.
  • We advocate modesty and humility, good at learning. Modesty is not only a virtue, but also a wisdom.
  • We must insist on innovation, draws up a strong innovation incentive mechanism, establishing a dynamic and innovative company.
  • We must stick to be market-oriented, customer-focused, good at listening, brainstorming.
  • We should insist on establishing a learning organization, first personhood, then is the work.
  • We must learn to share, and must have a strong mind of poor to protect themselves and economy to share with everyone, because a team goes powerful that is really powerful.
  • We insist inner staff first. Give every staff enough development chance and implement staff promotion system.
  • We propose cooperation and win-win and cerate and share together.
  • We treat every staff as partner, regardless of the position. Everyone is equal, and just division labor is different.
  • With positive attitude, we join hands with first-class people and companies, and establish win-win benefit cooperation partnership.

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