Static mixer

Static mixer

Classification:Static mixer
Brand: Globalozone

SS or PVC material static mixer

SK, SV, SD,SX etc type

Product details

Static Mixer

The features of Static Mixers:

The static mixer is a non-power efficient mixing equipment with very wide range of availability. With only few energy of the fluid to be converted to a mixed energy and by means of the precisely designed blades, the fluid will enter into the mixer tube, and result in the functions of split, reversed, mixed and rectifier so to achieve a perfect dispersion and mixture purpose. Compared with the traditional mixer, Static Mixer is with compact structure, low energy consumption, less investment, flexible operation and no maintenance requirement. We can supply with SS304 or SS316L material.

Operation Principle:

The Static Mixer does not require any external energy. Instead, the fluid mixture is just by means of the kinetic energy & potential energy of the fluid itself. Also, the blades inside the tube can make the fluid right & left rotation, constantly change the flow direction and thus make the fluid mixed fully and effectively.

SK Static Mixer is the one channel of right & left twisted spiral pieces being welded by 90 degrees dislocation. With the feature of not easy to be blocked, it is very suitable for the mixture of high viscosity of substances – viscosity more than 10 6mPa·S, or the process of extraction, absorption, reaction, coloring & heat transfer.


The highest level of dispersion is ≤10μm, and the uneven coefficient is a √X ≤1 ~ 5% for the mixture of liquid – liquid phase, liquid – solid phase. Can be applied to the process of mixing, reaction, extraction, absorption, color and heat transfer in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals, plastics, etc.

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