KG output ozone gnerator

KG output ozone gnerator

Classification:KGS ozone machine
Brand: Globalozone
Characteristic:KGS ozone output generator, can be made according to customer's requirements.
Product details

Kgs Ozone generator with O2 feed or air feed


Ozone be used in chemical, petroleum, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and flavors and fragrances industry as the oxidant, catalyst. Its super-oxidation capacity and easy to cut off the associative key of Alkenes, Alkynes, and Benzene organics, increase the process oxidation, synthesis of new compounds. Because the high-speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, ozone being more and more popular for industrial and scientific research.

Recently years, ozone is widely used in various of water treatment, such as drinking water/industrial waste water/swimming pool water etc. As it can 1). Quickly kill bacteria/viruses and other microorganisms;
2). Completely removed the organic compounds/other pollutants without secondary pollution;
3). Can reduce the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), remove nitrite, suspended solids and decolorization in water etc.

2.Technical Description

1. Enamel tubes as the core parts of ozone generator. The anti-force capability of resistant electricity is much better than glass and ceramic tubes.

2. In order to ensure the safety and continuously operating of ozone discharge, each discharge cell is equipped with separated safety appliance. Single discharge unit failure does not affect the normal operation of other units.

3. Discharge chamber

1. Use stainless steel housing, resistant to rust & corrosion, and can effectively prevent the cooling water fouling.

2. Use of the technology of automatic intelligent Cold Expander. Precise control the space of stainless steel external electrode with tube plate, preventing dangerous of air leakage, water leakage.

4. High frequency of power supply

1. LED digital keyboard control.

2. Precise setting the Voltage and Working frequency. Output frequency resolution can be up to ± 0.1Ht. Voltage Precision ±1V.

3. Has a perfect overload, automatic current-limiting, overpressure, short circuit, lack of phase and power-off protection.

4. SPWM modulation technology. Power factor COSθ can be 0.9.

5. Using PI technology for controlling power supply. So can realized the Compare specified rate with feedback quantity, through the closed-loop to stabilize the output voltage, constant the power frequency.

5. High voltage transformer

1. Using Mn-Zn ferrites for magnetic core. Small wastage of iron core / low Resistivity / low temperature coefficient / high rate of dynamic permeability under high frequency working condition.

2. Using special cables of high frequency & stranded conductor to reduce the skin effect of high-frequency current.

3. Using high vacuum epoxy resins encapsulation technology for the Transformer which can highly improving the performance of resistance breakdown and preventing the surface corona discharge of transformer.

6. Control system

Use PLC control system, easy control of the water temperature, water flow rate, electrical parameter and pressure etc, and ensure the safe operation of the system.

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